Entitled Spare (The Substitute), Prince Harry’s memoirs have been available since January 10, 2023 in bookstores.
Prince Harry tells the story of his life, from his birth in 1984 to his break with the British royal family.
He notably recounts the day he took his wife, Meghan Markle, to the grave of his mother, Lady Diana.

After long months of waiting and teasing, Prince Harry’s memoirs are finally in bookstores. In his book, entitled Spare (The Substitute), the Duke of Sussex looks back on the major events of his life, from his birth in 1984 to his overhyped break with the British royal family. He recounts in particular moments of life hitherto carefully preserved from the general public, in particular the day he took his wife, Meghan Markle, to the grave of his late mother, Lady Diana.

That day, the prince granted himself a moment alone with the latter. He then moved away from the grave, leaving his wife face to face with her mother-in-law. “When I came back, she was on her knees, her eyes closed and her hands flat on the stone,” he recounts in his memoirs. Meghan then confided to him that she had asked Lady Diana for “clarifications and advice”, the latter having experienced exactly what she herself was experiencing at that time by integrating the British royal family.

Prince Harry opens up about Lady Diana’s death

In his book, Prince Harry opens up with an open heart about the death of his mother, a subject that the Firm forbade him to broach too much when he was part of it. He recounts in particular how he learned of it, from his father while he was at Balmoral Castle, and reveals that he asked, at the time, to see the photos of his mother’s accident. “I saw the pictures of all the paparazzi’s reflection in the car window,” he says. “I saw the back of his blonde hair, you know, over the back of the seat. At that time, I think I was trying to find evidence that it really happened, that it was true. But I was also trying to find something that hurt me, because at that time , I was paralyzed by it all. My nervous system shut down and said, ‘Let’s not suffer’.”

The prince, who was 12 when Lady Diana died, also looks back on her funeral, that fateful day when he was forced to walk behind her coffin. A poignant story to discover in Le Suppléant, in bookstores since January 10.

Meghan Markle: what she asked Lady Diana at her grave

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