The arrival of Meghan Markle within the British royal family has created a stir. And even if the Duchess of Sussex has settled across the Atlantic, the headlines are still numerous. Indeed, relations are not looking good between Camilla Parker Bowles and Prince Harry’s wife. The Duchess of Cornwall would find her selfish and accuse her of sowing discord within the British monarchy in place.

The tabloid The Sun thus reveals the very clear opinion of Camilla Parker Bowles: “She speaks of Meghan by nicknaming her the bitch – the troublemaker whose antics will systematically end in tears”, reports a source to the newspaper.

Camilla Parker Bowles, support of Prince Charles

Additionally, Camilla Parker Bowles would disapprove of Meghan Markle’s lifestyle choices of stepping back from royal life. “She found it hard to believe that Meghan would sacrifice her career and her independence to serve silently as a devoted teammate to the monarchy,” the same source adds. “But Camilla remained silent. While she watched Charles painfully believe that Harry wanted to humiliate him publicly, she gave him comfort and good advice to reassure him that he had done everything in his power. power.”

Another sign: the silence of Meghan and Harry when Camilla Parker-Bowles was awarded the title of queen consort. Charles’s wife believes that this gesture is “deliberate” and represents “an insult” to the British royal family. The soap opera continues.

Prince Charles Camilla Parker Bowles, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle © Agency / Bestimage

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