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Meghan Markle very affected: this moment she has been dreading for weeks

It is a moment that she particularly apprehends. In recent weeks, Meghan Markle has been worried about the publication of a new book that will damage her image. At war with the Duchess for very long months, her half-sister has indeed decided to write a book to tell the relationship she lived with the wife of Prince Harry. And true to herself, Samatha Markle has planned not to be tender at all with little Archie’s mom. What to worry about the main character of this book, who, according to his relatives, has a “stomach ache” at the approach of publication. But Meghan Markle “will not be upset or annoyed by this in public”, as one of her relatives assures in the columns of In Touch. Despite the fears of the Duchess of Sussex, her husband “fully supports Meghan and does not believe a word that comes out of Samantha’s mouth”. This 328-page book titled The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister Part 1 is due for publication on January 17th.

Even though Samantha Markle has promised that the book will not be an “all-telling story”, Meghan Markle may not be. be “comfortable” with some of the things she has written. “I don’t know if she’ll be comfortable with it. It’s fair and balanced. Of course, there will be some things that she likes and others that she doesn’t like, the stepsister assured. of the Duchess. The truth is stranger than the fiction and I relied on the truth. ” In an interview with Us Weekly, the author said that her memoir “was never meant to attack [s] a sister”: “There is a lot to learn – the good, the bad and the ugly. was very clear that I wasn’t writing a book that was going to look like a tabloid. I said that two years ago, but nobody wanted to believe it. ” Samantha Markle first announced she would publish a memoir in April 2017, more than a year before Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were married in Windsor.

Samantha Markle: “I think that’s it decision”

The book, published by the Barnes and Noble Publishing House, is summed up as follows: “Amid a storm of fake news and media chaos, Samantha Markle shares the truth about her life and family against all odds and ultimatums, as a royal fairy tale falls from the tabloids. Since Meghan Markle married Prince Harry, her half-sister has taken care to attack her several times, as has their father, Thomas Markle. After the Megxit, she protested against the couple’s choice to move to the United States. “I think it’s her decision, because she was not happy to see all this criticism in the public square, she said then. From what I perceive, as I saw in the media, I think and it looks to me like it suited her. When they were ‘Fab Four’ (the nickname for the quartet formed by Meghan, Harry, Kate and William) there were photographs of her hair blowing in the wind, smiling waving to the crowd and borrowing that fake British accent. Everything looked wonderful then, then. ”

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