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Meghan Markle touched by critics? His cash response to his detractors

The critics will not silence her. After spending a specially discreet confinement in Los Angeles, Meghan Markle is back on the front of the stage. For a few days, the Duchess of Sussex has been on all fronts and has increased the number of words … contested. Archie’s mother, who has never hidden her commitment, notably urged Americans to go to the polls for the next presidential election. What strongly annoy Donald Trump, his best enemy, but also the commentators of the Crown, exasperated by the positions of the couple. But critics, Meghan Markle does not listen to them. This Tuesday, September 29, the Duchess delivered a new speech expected on the sidelines of the summit of powerful women. The opportunity for her to respond to her detractors: “If you look at everything I have said, it is not my words which are inflammatory but the interpretation that people make of it”.

“But if you listen to what I’m really saying, it’s not controversial. And some are reacting to things that I never said or did,” continued Meghan Markle, accused by some of having collaborated on Finding Freedom , the explosive biography devoted to the Sussexes. Archie’s mom also returned to the powerful speech she gave after George Floyd’s death. “I did not sit down to write anything and I did not ask anyone to help me with how I should formulate my thoughts, assured Meghan Markle. I was only in tears thinking about it and I was explaining to my husband why I found it so heartbreaking. For me, being back in Los Angeles reminds me of the riots that occurred there after the beating of Rodney King. (…) I was talking to my heart, it wasn’t smooth, but it was genuine. ” Unaffected by the criticisms aimed at her, the wife of Prince Harry admitted that there will “always be opponents”.

Meghan Markle, “an extremely eloquent speaker”

“The thing that I remembered is that you must not listen to the noise, you must focus on your life and your goal while knowing your moral compass”, launched the Duchess of Sussex, who does not hold disregard its detractors. A clear speech, which reflects a desire to “get to work”, as analyzed by a body language expert, on the part of Meghan Markle. “Certain gestures suggest a certain anger, continued the specialist with the Mirror. But you feel that she wants to work and to be authentic.” This new speech by Prince Harry’s wife has been welcomed by Crown commentators. And in particular by Richard Fitzwilliams, who found his speech “very authentic”.

“It is interesting to hear Meghan Markle, an extremely eloquent speaker, explain the reason for her recent touching speech to those who have graduated from Immaculate Heart School,” he told The Express, reflecting on the taking of word of the Duchess after the death of George Floyd. She talks about the importance of being authentic and that is how she presents herself when she talks about topics such as diversity and gender equality. ” It did not take more for some to see emerging in the words of Meghan Markle a political will. “As she focuses today on her own moral compass who knows where in today’s bitterly divided America this may lead someone as committed as she is,” wondered Richard Fitzwilliams. A Duchess soon on her way to the White House?

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