Meghan Markle: ties to the royal family much older than you might think

If Meghan Markle has belonged to the royal family since May 2018, her marriage to Prince Harry, nothing presumed that the American actress, who moreover is a commoner, would become a duchess. And yet his family has had ties to the royal family for over a century. The two families have known each other for more than 160 years precisely. Already in 2018, relatives of the Duchess of Sussex claimed that her great-great-great-grandmother, Mary Bird, worked at Windsor Castle as a maid … But in reality, The Express reveals that ‘she was in fact a cook, for Queen Victoria.

According to a database of Royal Household staff, there was a worker named Mr. Bird, who appeared in the Windsor Castle Weekly Disbursement Book, in 1856. It was around this time that Mary Bird would have been in the UK, reports The Express. Plus, Meghan Markle’s great-great-great-grandmother married Thomas Bird, an Irish shoemaker who served as an officer in the British Army. Her family disowned Mary Bird for it, so the couple decided to move to Malta with the military. It was there that they started a family in 1862.

Meghan Markle’s paternal family

The two lovebirds had two children; one of them was the great-great-grandmother of Meghan Markle, who was also called Mary. The family spent the next twenty years in Malta, only after the death of her husband, Mary and her children emigrated to Canada, explains The Mirror. Then the whole little family moved to Meredith, before finally settling in New Hampshire. This famous Mary would be linked to the paternal side of Meghan Markle, therefore thanks to Thomas Markle. In a few weeks, the family will grow again as Prince Harry’s wife is expecting her second child …

Meghan Markle © AGENCY / BESTIMAGE

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