Prince Harry releases his memoirs on January 10, 2023
He makes behind-the-scenes revelations about life in the royal family
Rumors announce that Meghan Markle could also write her memoirs

The news on the side of the royal family has not finished making the front page of the tabloids. The release of Prince Harry’s memoir, Spare, scheduled for January 10, 2023, is at the heart of many controversies while the official date has not yet arrived. It must be said that several leaks have already taken place, and the Guardian has published several extracts from the stories of Prince Harry which only arouse the curiosity of the public. Among the extracts revealed, one is already causing a stir since it speaks of a violent argument between Prince Harry and his brother Prince William, who would even have come to blows. The other concerns a particularly intense moment between Harry, William and their father, King Charles III, who made a request of them: not to make his last years a misery.

But if it is for the moment the memoirs of prince Harry who are talking about them, another subject is emerging within the concerns of the royal family. Because Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle, could also be preparing her own book. According to a source cited by the Daily Mail, Archie and Lilibet’s mother is ready to be “completely candid about her time in the royal spotlight and leave nothing to chance.” What strongly worry the members of a family already shaken by scandals for several months.

Harry and Meghan want to tell everything

It remains to know the legitimacy of the source in question. But it must be admitted that memoirs of Meghan Markle or even an autobiography would be in agreement with the course of action of the couple who, for some time, have not hesitated to publicly reveal the backstage of their private life. After years of being forced by protocol to be silent, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle seem to have a strong desire to speak out and tell the story of their ordeal. Whether you’re a fan or a detractor, there’s no doubt that a book recounting the (mis)adventures of Meghan Markle in the royal family would fascinate the crowds.

Meghan Markle: this undeniable rumor that still shakes the royal family

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