Does Meghan Markle really have such a difficult character as rumors claim? If only the intimate parts of the monarchy know the truth, Andrew Morton, he discovered that the Duchess of Sussex would have infuriated Her Majesty Elizabeth II even before joining the Windsor-Mountbatten clan. Blame it on a tiaragate that occurred a few days before her wedding to Prince Harry. In his book Meghan: A Hollywood Princess – published in 2018 and quoted by the British tabloid The Mirror on September 26 – the biographer traces this incident. It all started when Lilibet and Archie’s mother learned that she could not wear the tiara of her dreams, since it would not have been available. The facts were even reported by the press across the Channel from November 2018.

The inconvenience had even brought Prince Harry out of his hinges during a discussion with Angela Kelly, the royal stylist. She also turns out to be the guardian of the sovereign’s jewelry. “What Meghan wants, Meghan gets,” he notably vociferated. But the tone went down a notch when His Royal Highness stepped in. Faced with the supposed behavior of Meghan Markle, the monarch has stepped up to the plate. “She will get the tiara that I will give her”, she would have slipped to her grandson. But why was the ex-actress deprived of the tiara she wanted? Certain security protocols had to be followed in order for her to access the tiara. What to make Prince Harry furious, he who hoped for a compromise for the chosen one of his heart.

Meghan Markle pushed towards the exit by the Cambridge?

Would their temperaments have forced them to slam the door of the Firm? For Andrew Morton, another source of tension would have convinced them more to take the loose: Prince William. The Duke of Cambridge, cold with his younger brother for several months already, would not have been the most benevolent with Meghan Markle. His wife, Kate Middleton, yet associated with the label of reconciler, would not have been very welcoming with his counterpart in Sussex. “The coldness of the Duchess of Cambridge towards Meghan and the alleged intimidation of William contributed to the devastating fallout (…) between the brothers”, notes Andrew Morton.

Meghan Markle © Agency

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