On June 4, 2021, two years after the birth of their eldest son Archie Harrison, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry welcome Lilibet Diana, their first daughter. During her second pregnancy, the Duchess of Sussex was pictured during her visit to the National Theater. Photos taken that day suggest the Duchess suffered from hypermobile joints. As Meghan rocked her baby, her thumb seemed to bend back unusually.

Experts have claimed that a thumb that flexes to such an extent is one of the signs of hypermobility. These experts also claim that hypermobility is a condition that is usually inherited. With that, osteopath Anisha Joshi explains, “People with hypermobility are often able to move their limbs in ways that others cannot.”

The osteopath adds that hypermobility can affect all or part of a person’s joints. Hypermobility is an inherited condition whose main cause is the modification of collagen. When this protein in the ligaments is insufficient, it makes the “joints loose and stretchy”.

“Meghan Markle can master some of the most advanced yoga movements”

The worst symptoms of hypermobility are joints that dislocate or dislocate. With strength training, these symptoms appear very rarely. According to the specialist, “if Lillibet and Archie end up with the same type of affection, it is not a major problem”. It would simply imply that they will be able to have a greater range of motion in the joints.

Nothing very serious that a muscle building cannot fix. In addition, as in the case of their mother, hypermobility can be an asset. The Duchess of Sussex has not confirmed whether she has other hypermobile joints on her body. However, a photo of her younger shows that she is good at yoga. In photos she posted to her former blog The Tig, the former actress shows yoga moves that require a lot of flexibility in the joints.


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