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Meghan Markle: this reason why his return to the royal family seems compromised

Now that the British royal family is far behind them, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are free to engage as they want. And this is precisely what the Sussex couple did recently, on the sidelines of the US presidential election, which is fast approaching. On September 23, the two appeared in a video recorded for Time, in which they call on American citizens to make their voices heard at the polls and vote. It must be said that this is not the first time that the Duchess has shown her political commitment … which does not really go in the direction of the Republican candidate Donald Trump.

In recent weeks, Meghan Markle has shown itself to be more and more committed, she who was eager to “find her voice” and to proclaim it loud and clear. Only according to royalty expert Penny Juror, the Duchess of Sussex’s commitment is such that a possible return to the British royal family would be truly compromised, as she explained to the Mirror. “In recent months, Harry and Meghan have seriously cut ties with royalty to a point that could not have a return,” she explained. And to add: “Now, that does not seem to bother them”.

Political ambitions incompatible with the monarchy

The specialist continued: “And I don’t really see Meghan ever wanting to come back to it. What she discovered during her brief stint as a royal member of the British family, is that this family is not a place for anyone. ‘one with political ambition. ” And for good reason, according to Penny Juror, “this centuries-old institution provides an incomparable platform for charitable work, with the aim of changing and improving people’s lives, but it is not a springboard for change the world, even if it undoubtedly needs it, ”she added. Finally, the royalty expert concluded by suggesting that Prince Harry does not have the same political ambitions as his wife, because the cause that matters most to him is helping disadvantaged people. His wife, she fights mainly against racial injustices, she who is proudly mixed race.

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