But what went through Meghan Markle’s head? In a brand new book written by Gyles Brandreth, a British politician and writer, we were able to learn a little more about the relationship between Prince Harry’s wife and the former Queen of England, Elizabeth II. The latter has explained at length that the Duchess of Sussex has always felt that she did not need the help of the monarch to find a place of choice within the royal family. An incredible reaction which once again raises many questions about the American’s intentions.

In his book titled Elizabeth: An Intimate Portrait, Gyles Brandreth explains that the Duchess of Sussex rejected an exceptional offer from Elizabeth II, insisting that she saw no use for it. However, it was a mentoring proposal to guide Meghan Markle within the royal family in order to show her all the cogs that her new status would impose on her. The former queen began by offering him a long initiation on the gestures to adopt and the words to have to adapt to this new environment, far from his habits.

Meghan Markle directly wanted to distance herself from Elizabeth II

The least we can say is that everything was fine at first, between Meghan Markle and Elizabeth II. Gyles Brandreth said the Queen was “really delighted when Prince Harry told her he was going to marry Meghan because she liked him”. Furthermore, the Queen “did everything she could to make her future granddaughter feel welcome and concerned about her future happiness.” But it was Meghan who decided to distance herself from the monarch, and not the other way around.

Here is an extract from the book in question: “When they first met, the Queen said to Meghan: you can continue to be an actress if you wish – it is your profession, after all. She would have been totally understanding if Meghan had decided to pursue his career. The biographer also claimed that the character of Meghan Markle caused concern for the queen, who said she was “a little concerned when she learned that she was sometimes bossy with the staff”.

Meghan Markle: this proposal from Queen Elizabeth II that she brushed aside

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