In his memoirs, Prince Harry looks back on a funny memory
Indeed, he reveals that Meghan Markle confused Prince Andrew with an assistant to the Queen
The Duchess of Sussex did not know Prince Andrew

For weeks now, Prince Harry’s revelations have shaken Buckingham Palace. But sometimes, the little anecdotes told in Le Suppléant make you smile. Indeed, on January 6, the Daily Telegraph reported a rather funny episode written in the Memoirs of the Duke of Sussex. Indeed, at the very beginning of her relationship with Prince William’s brother, Meghan Markle confused Prince Andrew with a “Queen’s assistant”. She then asked Prince Harry about the identity of “the man who was holding [his] handbag [and] who accompanied her to the door”. A rather funny memory when you know the rank of Prince Andrew.

In his book, Prince Harry also discusses Meghan Markle’s difficult delivery: “Things then both calmed down and rushed. Two hours later the doctor came back and put on a pair of latex gloves. ‘ Here we are,’ she said. I stood at the head of the bed, squeezed Meg’s hand and encouraged her.” The complications thus endangered the life of the baby and the mother. “The obstetrician gave her a small hand mirror. Looking in it, I saw the baby’s skull reflected in it. Her head was stuck. Caught in the cord.” As an invested dad, Prince Harry will then do everything to encourage his wife. “I said to Meg: ‘My love, you have to push.’ I didn’t tell him why. I didn’t tell him about the umbilical cord, I didn’t mention the possibility of an emergency caesarean,” he explains in his memoirs.

Prince Harry supports his wife

Prince Harry then supported his wife: “I just whispered: ‘Give it all you got.’ And that’s what she did.” Prince Harry then admits that the hours preceding the delivery of his wife were very difficult. Under laughing gas to relax, Meghan Markle was trying to “give nature a boost” by jumping on a balloon, before work started.

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