According to a source close to Meghan Markle, the latter would be preparing her memoirs
The Duchess of Sussex would describe her daily life within the British royal family
The Windsors would be ready for startling revelations

Meghan Markle will once again shake the walls of Buckingham Palace. Indeed, Prince Harry’s wife could well make explosive revelations in her memoirs, which she is preparing to write according to a source close to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The latter would thus evoke her time in the British royal family, and the suffering she felt. According to the same source, the Windsors would be ready for Meghan Markle to open up without filter about her past life at Buckingham. And for good reason, according to many rumors, the mother of Archie and Lilibet would be determined to “tell everything” about her royal daily life.

Already, Prince Harry’s wife has returned to her return to Frogmore Cottage, during Queen Elizabeth II’s Jubilee. “You go back and you open drawers and you’re like, ‘Oh my God’.” During this interview, she confided in her daily life: “There is literally a structure by which if you want to publish photos of your child, as a member of the family, you must first give them to the Royal Rota Why would I give people who call my kids with the N-word a picture of my child before I can share it with those who love my child? she chimed in before adding, “Tell me how it makes sense and then I’ll play this game.”

Meghan Markle: “If you do something, they criticize you”

For Prince Harry, now his life suits him: “I think we always knew that the first years of creating this new life from scratch were going to be the busiest,” said the Duke of Sussex, “Well , it’s a start-up! We were building a business. During the confinement,” Meghan added before Harry completed: “With everyone weighing in. If you do something, they criticize you. If you don’t do something, they criticize you anyway.”

Meghan Markle: this new explosive project prepared in secret

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