In January 2020, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their intention to leave the royal family. A news that had the effect of a bomb with the Windsors but also with the British. Since then, the couple has been quite discreet and it is very rare that they make unannounced public appearances. However, this was the case of Meghan Markle this Tuesday, October 18. While at Spotify headquarters in Los Angeles, she posed alongside employees who work for inclusivity. The snaps were shared by Archewell President Mandana Dayani and in these, the Duchess could be seen opting for a black tee. An inscription in Farsi is visible and one can read: “Women. Life. Freedom”. A very important message that echoes the violent protests in Iran following the death of young Masha Amini. “Allies have come in so many forms over the past month since the death of Mahsa Amini. I’m so grateful to work with amazing women like Meghan and my Iranian colleague and friend, Ashley Momtaheni,” Mandana Dayani wrote in legend.

Meghan Markle does not hesitate to speak up when matters are close to her heart. This visit was an opportunity for her to deliver a moving testimony, as revealed by Mandaya Dayani in the caption of her publication. “At an event today, Meghan spoke about the revolution led by women and girls in Iran, the courage and bravery they show every day,” she first said. before adding that she also spoke of their “leadership and their defense of fundamental human rights: women, life, freedom”. The president of Archewell was particularly touched by this speech since she explains that she is an “Iranian woman who fled her country of origin in pursuit of these same freedoms”. Shocked, she then adds: “I could not have been more grateful for the way she chooses, again and again, to stand up for women around the world”. A speech she will remember and which, in her words, marks a “proud day at Archewell”, she concluded.

Meghan Markle: had she ever spoken about women?

Before meeting Prince Harry, the Duchess of Sussex was an actress but also a committed woman. In 2015, she spoke at the United Nations World Conference on Women. This had been much noticed. “When I was just 11 years old, I became, without realizing it and almost accidentally, an activist for women’s rights”, she had first indicated before adding: “In my city of Originally, I was in elementary school watching a TV program when this commercial for dishwashing liquid came on, with this slogan that said, “Women across America are fighting greasy dishes.” was she remembered before specifying: “Two boys in my class said” Yes, the place of women is in the kitchen “. A remark that had revolted her. “I remember being shocked and angry and feeling so hurt,” she said afterwards. After writing letters to several well-known personalities, including Hillary Clinton, Linda Ellerbee and Gloria Allred, Meghan Markle realized that small actions can have big consequences but also change the vision of things.

Meghan Markle: this message t-shirt worn for a surprise appearance in Los Angeles that has its effect

Meghan Markle © JLPPA

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