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Meghan Markle: this little revenge of Elizabeth II that will make her furious

Meghan Markle is no longer compared to the great feminist she is on the official website of the royal family. Indeed, as reported by The Sun, in 2018, during her marriage to Prince Harry, Meghan Markle had obtained several paragraphs on the official site detailing in particular her stay in North America and Canada, before meeting Prince Harry. Little Archie’s mother was described as a “proud feminist”. Her famous quote, which she said at a United Nations conference in New York in 2015: “I am proud to be a woman and a feminist”, was particularly indicated. The site recounted how she had been involved in charity from an early age. At 11, she even managed to campaign for the wording of a TV ad to be changed after using sexist language to sell dish soap.

“His Royal Highness also volunteered at a soup kitchen in Skid Row, Los Angeles, ages 13 to 17,” was also listed in his description on the royal website. Only, all this has disappeared. The site only talks about her acting career, her college education in Illinois and the fact that she ran the lifestyle blog The Tig. According to a spokesperson for the Palace, there is an explanation for this change. “As announced in January, the Duke and Duchess have stepped down as senior members of the royal family.” Thus, as is the case regularly, the records listed on the royal site have been updated.

Queen Elizabeth II validated the change in Meghan Markle’s record

The spokesman still made it clear that “the current biography of the Duchess of Sussex is on the royal website alongside other members of the royal family”. Before being made, these updates must be validated by the private offices. So Elizabeth II validated that such changes were made. No doubt she did not hesitate at all for a long time before crossing off the positive mentions on Meghan Markle as relations between the two women are so tense.

Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, makes her first official trip with Queen Elisabeth © AGENCY

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