Meghan Markle has found her diary, according to Mirror

This diary contains all of her memoirs of when she and Prince Harry were working royals
Its content worries the Palace

A bomb coming for Buckingham Palace? This week of August 31, the Mirror revealed that Meghan Markle, 41, collected her diary during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee last June. The Duchess of Sussex kept a diary that she wrote on a daily basis. This when she and Prince Harry were still active members of the British royal family. It was during an interview that Meghan Markle would have made this revelation. She is said to have stumbled upon her diary when she was storing personal belongings at Frogmore Cottage last June.

“You go back, you open the drawers and you’re like, ‘Oh my God! Is that what I wrote in my diary there?”, said the duchess during this interview. This discovery could trigger “alarm signals” for the royal family. After all, the contents of this diary could be “She has spent enough time in the royal fold to learn secrets, decades old, that could embarrass the Queen and her family. and cause them grief, but which could bring Meghan a fortune,” said Margaret Holder, author of Diana: The Caring Princess.

Meghan Markle holds an insurance policy

A source at the Mirror said this diary was kept throughout the Duchess’ royal life. “Harry and Meghan were told to ignore social media and newspapers, but sometimes the staff would say to them, ‘I’m sorry about what was written the other day’, and she would get angry. She everything written in his diary like an insurance policy,” said the same source. “If it ever saw the light of day, it would surely be dynamite. From what we hear, this diary was rediscovered this summer, wrapped up and sent back to the Montecito,” the insider added.

Meghan Markle: this diary she recovered during the Queen's Jubilee



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