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Meghan Markle: this brutal criticism of her stepmother Lady Diana

Critics keep raining, even after Meghan Markle left for the other side of the Atlantic. This Thursday, July 23, our colleagues from the British daily The Express quote the book Meghan And Harry: The Real Story, by Lady Colin Campbell. In the latter, the royal expert and friend of the Windsor-Mountbatten clan affirms that the Duchess of Sussex’s main ambition was to overshadow Lady Diana, mother of Prince Harry and therefore her mother-in-law, known for her commitment steadfast charity, earning a reputation as a “princess of hearts.” Reproaches reiterated in an interview with New magazine by Georgia Arianna Ziadie of her real name, alias Lady C.

She says that Meghan Markle wanted to eclipse Lady Diana after her marriage to Prince Harry who, according to the expert, “is less intelligent” than his wife. “Meghan’s ambition has always been to outdo Diana, but I think she seriously misinterpreted the situation,” said Lord Colin’s ex-wife Ivar Campbell. Lady Colin Campbell is not planning anything good for little Archie’s mom. “She thought the hype would take her to Los Angeles, where she could become the big star she always wanted to be. But I don’t think that will happen for her.” Back in her hometown and wishing to live independently of the constraints of the Crown, the ex-actress may never accomplish her goals according to Lady C.

Meghan Markle “addicted to celebrity”

In his eyes, Meghan Markle is solely responsible for the break between the Sussexes and the royal family of England. “It’s a very sad situation,” said Lady Colin Campbell. And to add, referring to the Duke of Sussex: “I think he is so desperate to please her and accept whatever she says (…) if Harry had married someone else, he would still be a member of the royal family. ”

The author of Meghan And Harry: The Real Story goes even further. In her book, Lady C. continues the unflattering portrayal of Meghan Markle by claiming that she was “addicted to fame.” “This person is no more suited to royal life than Angelina Jolie would be to competitive boxing,” vociferated the expert. Bitter reproaches that a biography with the aim of rehabilitating the image of the Duchess will have to counter.

According to a royal expert, Meghan Markle wished to overshadow Lady Diana, the mother of her bet, Prince Harry © Agence / Bestimage

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