Meghan Markle: these new revelations that will not please the wife of Prince Harry

She is the center of attention. For several days, Meghan Markle has been at the heart of the news, especially because of her truth interview given to Oprah Winfrey and which will be broadcast this Sunday, March 7 on CBS. According to information published by the Daily Telegraph this Saturday, March 6, relatives of the young woman did not hesitate to testify concerning her behavior towards her employees. An image of an “individualistic, calculating and capricious” Duchess is then portrayed. The British media say that “various anonymous sources” wished to mention the “unattainable demands of Meghan to her assistants”. Among them, a party organized by the 39-year-old actress, just after the announcement of her engagement to Prince Harry. In order to best receive her guests, the Duchess of Sussex would then have liked red and personalized embroidered blankets for each of her guests to be placed in the room. Once this order received, the reaction of Archie’s mother was very noticed, indicates an anonymous: “When they arrived, they did not have the right shade of red and Meghan went crazy on Melissa Touabti, her personal assistant “. As a reminder, Melissa Touabti had revealed to be “traumatized” by her experience in Kensington and had also resigned six months after the marriage. New revelations which come to enlarge the rumors indicating that Meghan Markle is “difficult to live”.

While many testimonies continue to emerge, Meghan Markle can count on the support of several of her friends who deny these accusations. For some of his relatives, it is a “painful and heartbreaking attempt to harm him”. One of them also told Harper’s Bazaar: “I hate to say that, but find me a woman of color with a highly placed position who hasn’t been accused of being too angry, of being too scary, to be too much of anything in a work environment “. Others, however, wanted to defend her publicly and took to their social networks to do so: “I have known Meghan for seventeen years. This is what she is: nice, strong, open. This is what she does. ‘is not: a stalker,’ said actress Janina Gavankar, a close friend of the Duchess who was invited to her wedding. For Lindsay Roth, one of Meghan Markle’s best friends, all these accusations are unfounded: “Meg’s operating system has always been based on kindness. Kindness is an integral part of her. I know what I’m saying after 22 years of very close friendship. I have seen with my own eyes how she treats her friends and families, and colleagues, “she said.

A long-awaited interview

This Sunday, March 7, CBS will broadcast the truth interview of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. The couple confided in Oprah Winfrey and spoke about their new life in the United States, Lady Diana but also the royal family. In one of the excerpts unveiled, we can hear the Duchess of Sussex use a very particular nickname to evoke the Windsor: The Firm, which could be translated as “the firm”. It would seem that the wife of Prince Harry describes the British royal family as “big business”. A term which is not unknown since, according to information from The Mirror, it is Prince Philip who would be at the origin. The latter would have given this nickname to his family following his marriage to Elizabeth II. There is no doubt that this interview promises to be rich in twists and turns. As a reminder, it will be broadcast the next day, Monday March 8 on the TMC channel from 9.15 p.m.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry © Capture TV CBS via Bestimage

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