Time has obviously not appeased the animosity that Donald Trump nourishes for Meghan Markle. In 2019, Prince Harry and his wife announced their departure from the royal family by renouncing their official commitments and their status as senior members. It did not take long for the detractors of the couple to step up to denounce their actions, like Donald Trump, who had assured that he would not pay a cent for their protection when they had chosen to live in Los Angeles. . Aid never requested by the Sussexes, especially because the former President of the United States was never part of their favorite political personality, far from it. What this one has a hard time digesting, even months later.

Already the author of several remarks on Meghan Markle, whom he had notably qualified as “nasty”, before returning to his remarks, Donald Trump again launched a charge against the Duchess of Sussex, in an interview with Nigel Farage, the former UKIP leader, relayed by the Daily Mail. Claiming not to be “a fan” of the wife of Prince Harry, and this “from day one”, the former president denounced what he sees as manipulation. “I think Harry was used horribly and I think one day he will regret it. […] I think it has ruined his relationship with his family and it hurts the Queen,” he said. he confided in this way, qualifying it in passing as “disrespectful” to the royal family, but above all, to Queen Elizabeth II.

Donald Trump blames Meghan Markle for “inappropriate things”

Worse yet, Donald Trump cannot digest Meghan Markle’s commitment during the 2019 presidential elections in the United States, during which she supported the Democratic Party and candidate Joe Biden. At that time, the Duchess of Sussex, and Prince Harry, called on Americans to vote, multiplying poignant video messages and texts on the importance of such a political act to be heard. A position quickly qualified as “interference” in a foreign election by Donald Trump’s teams, who accused the Duchess of using her title to intervene in politics, despite her American citizenship. “She’s trying to do things that I think are very inappropriate,” asserted the husband of Melania Trump, who intends not to stop there with the Duchess, whom he encourages to run for the 2024 election, in order to challenge her.

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