It’s a story that doesn’t seem to find a way out. Tensions remain high between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and the British royal family. The Mirror newspaper reveals in an article published Friday, November 12, reveals the exchanges of Meghan Markle and Jason Knauf. The latter is the former communications officer of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Exchanges that date from the time when Meghan Markle wrote the famous letter to her father Thomas Markle, the content of which was leaked in February 2019.

In the text messages published in the press, she mentions “the suffering caused to H”, namely Prince Harry. “Even after a week spent with her father (editor’s note: Prince Charles) tirelessly explaining the situation to him, her family seems to forget the context, she wrote. (…) By doing so, I protect my husband from these perpetual scoldings and maybe, although unlikely, give my dad a chance to put it all on hold. “

Twist in the lawsuit brought by Meghan Markle?

For the judges, this proves that Meghan Markle was aware that the contents of the letter could leak into the press. An important detail in the context of the lawsuit between Associated Newspapers Limited (ANL), which broadcasts the Daily Mail, which published the contents of the letter, to Meghan Markle. The newspaper was ordered to pay 520,000 euros to Meghan Markle for her legal costs. The lawyers had appealed. A long soap opera that is not about to end.

The British Royal Family © Agence / Bestimage

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