Terrible news for Meghan Markle. Prince Harry’s wife has learned that her former husband, film producer Trevor Engelson, is set to release a book in which he allegedly writes revelations about his marriage to the American actress. Nearly ten years after his divorce, the latter would “still not have buried the hatchet” according to Meghan Markle, with whom he was married for two years.

Thus, the Duchess of Sussex would already be preparing her defense, in case Trevor Engelson’s accusations are too heavy and harm her image. The book, which will inevitably have the effect of a bomb within the royal family, has not yet leaked. But we know that the two former lovebirds are not in the odor of sanctity, quite the contrary. As proof, the film producer would have compared Meghan Markle to “a piece of chewing gum stuck to the bottom of her shoe” at the end of her marriage.

“The other side of the coin is about to fall for Meghan Markle”

According to several sources preferring to remain anonymous, this book would “shed light on what Meghan Markle really was from the point of view of her ex-husband”. As a reminder, the American actress decided to cut ties with him when her career started to take off. “It must be terrifying for Meghan Markle. She gave her point of view, but the other side of the coin is about to fall,” the source continued. In addition to this, revelations could be made on the case of the two personal assistants who resigned for ill-treatment. To be followed with attention, therefore…

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