Meghan Markle made a stint on the Ellen DeGeneres talk show on Thursday, November 25. In particular, she confided there her projects with all her family for Thanksgiving. “I love to cook. We’ll be home, relax and settle in. It’s our second Thanksgiving home in California, so it’ll be fine,” she replied when asked about her. projects for the holidays. Following which DeGeneres jokingly asked, “What time do we have to show up?”

The Duchess of Sussex has never hidden her cooking skills. In fact, she had already claimed that she had managed to cook the perfect turkey on her Thanksgiving in 2016. She had even shared the photo on her Instagram account at the time. “Oh, that time I roasted a pretty perfect Thanksgiving turkey! The question is, can I do it again. The pressure is there!” She wrote next to the photo of the Turkey. Taking into account the hashtags in her post, she would have brined the turkey before roasting it. This is a fairly simple technique, but long since it is necessary to soak the poultry a long time before cooking. “Let the brining begin,” she wrote.

Meghan Markle is passionate about charity

In addition to her Thanksgiving traditions, Prince Harry’s wife has also already opened up about her passion for charity. “Despite the contrast between my two worlds growing up, there was a powerful commonality: both my parents came from little, so they made the choice to give a lot,” she posted on her old blog, The Tig. “That’s what I saw growing up, and so that’s what I was growing up: a young adult with a social conscience to do what I could, and, at least, to speak up when I was. knew something was wrong, “she added.

Meghan Markle © Backgrid USA

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