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Meghan Markle not resentful: the Duchess has patched up with her BFF after the scandal

It seems that Meghan Markle and Jessica Mulroney are still very close. Indeed, the fashion stylist explained in her Instagram story of December 5 that she had “laughed so much with my girlfriend that it hurts. God bless FaceTime”. Last month, Jessica Mulroney told Page Six that she was in regular contact with the Duchess of Sussex as she “calls her on FaceTime” very often to “check in with me”, she explained. Victim of a controversy last June, Jessica Mulroney has always affirmed that Meghan Markle had not cut ties with her despite the comments of relatives of the Duchess of Sussex who affirmed that she no longer intended to talking with her best friend. Last September, the Canadian stylist explained her special relationship with Meghan Markle on her Instagram account: “Meghan and I are family. She is the nicest friend and has watched me every day. The tabloid culture is atrocious . It creates lies and a hurtful scenario. Stop feeding on it. ” A post that was certainly intended to silence rumors.

An unexpected controversy

A few months ago, Jessica Mulroney was at the heart of a heated debate. Indeed, a YouTuber accused him of being racist. As a reminder, on June 7, the black influencer Sasha Exeter launched a general appeal to all influencers, to mobilize for the #BlackLivesMatter movement, some time after the death of George Floyd, this African-American man who died of suffocation under the knee of a white policeman on May 25 in Minneapolis. In a lengthy video posted on June 10, Sasha Exeter explained that Jessica Mulroney did not answer her call but sent her a message in which she threatened to denigrate her to the partner brands of her fashion blog. “Listen, I’m not saying that Jess is racist, but here’s what I’m going to say: she is very aware of her wealth, her power and her privileges ‘thanks’ to her skin color”, explained the YouTuber . This passage therefore caused a huge controversy afterwards and Jessica Mulroney lost her television show. Hearing this story, a source close to Prince Harry’s wife had told the Daily Mail that Meghan Markle is “mortified to have been dragged into all this chaos” and that according to her, “Jessica is not someone at all. one of racist “.

Meghan Markle © © Mega / KCS PRESS

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