Meghan Markle megalomaniac? This daring sentence that will appeal to its detractors

Meghan Markle takes a little more for her rank … For several months, the wife of Prince Harry has caused controversy, accentuated by her choice to leave, with her husband, the British royal family. Already portrayed as a capricious and demanding ex-actress, she is now being called … megalomaniac. Biographer Lady Colin Campbell has indeed revealed that by giving up her senior membership, the Duchess “was preparing for all kinds of things in America that she was strictly forbidden to do as a royal,” reports the Daily Mail.

Among these prohibitions: “to get involved in commercial enterprises”, but also, to impose oneself on a more political ground, by taking part in the American elections by increasing the calls for the votes. A “strategy” which would aim to make her “the most famous person in the world”, reports Lady Colin Campbell. A plan developed with its public relations managers. “And that must involve a huge controversy – otherwise you are just not that famous,” the biographer pointed out. If it is not known whether Meghan Markle achieved her goal, it is certain that the positions of the Sussex couple create controversy, both at Buckingham Palace and in the United States.

Sussex couple accused of “foreign interference” in elections

It must be said that their recent intervention on television has not gone unnoticed, especially in high political circles, since a member of the American Congress has pushed against Meghan Markle and Prince Harry a real rant, also asking it is up to the British royal family to “strip” them of their titles, or to stop “interfering” in the elections. “I am concerned about recent comments from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex regarding the United States presidential election, particularly given international conversations regarding foreign interference in our elections and the Duke’s status as a guest from the United States, “lamented Jason Smith, representative of Missouri, who also denounced the” barely masked views “of the Sussex couple.

Meghan Markle © Agency

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