Meghan Makle’s book was released on June 8, 2021. Entitled The Bench, it is intended for children. She took inspiration from the relationship between her husband, Prince Harry, and her son, Archie, to write it. To make children want to read, she did not hesitate to read a few extracts in a Youtube video on the Brighty Storytime channel. In this surprise appearance, the Duchess of Sussex had settled in her garden and opted for a casual outfit. Indeed, she was wearing a blue shirt and jeans. She had also made the decision to tie her hair up to be probably more comfortable reading her book.

Just before embarking on this reading, she first wanted to have words for her husband and her son, without whom this book would not have been possible. “I wrote this poem for my husband and our son Archie, then I turned it into a book so that you can enjoy it too,” she said. The designs for the book were made by illustrator Christian Robinson. She also had a thought for him. “I asked him to do something special for me and to use watercolors, which is not the usual medium he works in, but he did it to make it even more special.” So, Prince Harry’s wife hopes that these illustrations will be to the liking of little readers.

Meghan Markle enjoyed reading her book for everyone

At the end of her reading, Meghan Markle concluded with these words: “I hope you enjoyed The Bench. I loved being able to share it with you and now I hope you can find your own special bench or chair. , or a quiet corner, just a place that means something to you and that you will share with someone you love. ” The mother of the family seemed to be happier and more fulfilled than ever.

Meghan Markle © Youtube

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