Meghan Markle’s husband failed to give the identity of the one who deflowered him in his Spare book.
Prince Harry talked about it in his book Spare.
Sasha Walpole reveals that she is the famous oldest of whom the husband of Meghan Markle, Duke of Sussex, speaks.

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex opened up about losing his virginity to an older woman in his book Spare. Sasha Walpole revealed all to the Sun on Sunday. She spoke of a “quick hit in the field” after drinking a certain amount of alcohol. In its February 6, 2023 article, The Sun tells us that Sasha Walpole is a former groom from Highgrove, the second home of King Charles III of England.

Sasha, a married mother of two, said her antics with Prince Harry took place one summer night in July 2001. “It was literally a bang between two friends,” said Sasha Walpole. “The sex was passionate and sparkling because we shouldn’t have done it,” she said. In detail, Sasha Walpole said she and Prince Harry, now 38, were “pretty drunk”. “We got out and both climbed a three-barred barrier to reach the field.” revealed Sasha Walpole, before continuing: “We were quite drunk at the time. I gave Harry a cigarette. I lit mine, then his”.

Prince Harry: his wife Meghan Markle “will not like Sasha Walpole’s down-to-earth revelations”

The older woman Meghan Markle’s husband lost his virginity to has revealed it was Prince Harry who started kissing her after they finished their cigarettes. Sasha Walpole also clarified that it was Marlboro Lights. “He was wearing boxer shorts. We didn’t chat, we didn’t talk…we were gone for 15 minutes, but the sex lasted about five minutes,” she says. Robert Jobson, a royal expert commented on Sasha’s revelations on Twitter. “Not sure Meg appreciates Sasha Walpole telling Piers Morgan that the Harry she knew seems in love,” he tweeted before adding, “But it was ‘H’ that started in writing about her.”

“Meghan Markle is not going…”: water in the gas after the shocking revelations of Harry's first mistress?

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