Meghan Markle gave a river interview to the American magazine “Cut”
She tells an anecdote that angered the South Africans and in the first place Zwelivelile ‘Mandla’ Mandela, the grandson of Nelson Mandela

He said he was surprised that she could compare the joy of South Africans at the release of Nelson Mandela to their joy when she married Prince Harry

Wind of protest against the words of Meghan Markle in the interview she gave to Cut magazine and this time it is not in the United Kingdom. A special hashtag has even been invented to express the anger of South Africans and Nelson Mandela’s grandson, after an unfortunate comparison by the Duchess of Sussex between the release of Nelson Mandela and his marriage to Prince Harry.

Zwelivelile Mandla Mandela: ‘overcoming 60 years of apartheid is not the same as marrying a white prince’

The article “Meghan of Montecito” has not finished talking about him: after having launched a few bombs against the royal family, Meghan Markle unleashed the wrath of Nelson Mandela’s grandson, even though she and Prince Harry have an excellent relationship with Madiba’s widow. In the interview, the former Suits star recounted an anecdote that happened at the London premiere of ‘The Lion King’ A South African actor reportedly took her aside to say “I just need you to know: when you married into this family, we rejoiced in the streets as we did when Mandela was released from prison.” Astonishment, amazement, but above all reaction to these remarks. Zwelivelile Mandla Mandela thus told MailOnline: “Madiba’s celebration was based on overcoming 350 years of colonialism with 60 years of a brutal apartheid regime in South Africa. So he cannot be equated with the same thing” before continuing with more firmness that “when the people of South Africa expressed their joy at the release of their grandfather and danced in the streets, it was for a reason much more important and serious than their marriage “to a white prince” as reported by the DailyMail.

In South Africa, the release of Meghan Markle has unleashed passions, the inhabitants considering these remarks as a mark of disrespect. In protest, a hashtag has emerged on Twitter according to the DailyMail: “#VoetsekMeghan has started trending in South Africa.” Voetsek is an Afrikaans word meaning “to go away” or “to get lost”, and is a common slur used by millions of South Africans. The UK outlet reports that an angry Twitter user said: “No one was rejoicing on the streets of South Africa when she got married. Let her imply it was the same as when the President Mandela was released is the greatest disrespect”. After his anecdote about the fire that nearly hit Archie and the outcry that followed, it’s what we call a collection of blunders…

Meghan Markle indecent? Outraged by her words, Nelson Mandela's grandson attacks her violently

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