It all started last February: Meghan Markle filed a lawsuit against the British tabloid, the Mail on Sunday for invasion of privacy, after the newspaper had published a letter she had written to her father. A lawsuit, which she had won. But the media appealed and this Wednesday, November 10, Jason Knauf, former collaborator of the couple, testified in the context of this case. Yes but here it is, instead of agreeing with his former employers, the man testified in favor of the tabloid, indicating that the wife of prince Harry had been in contact with the authors of an unofficial biography, published in 2020 , which traces, in particular, his departure from the royal family. Information that Meghan Markle has always denied.

Thus, Jason Knauf claims to have provided private and intimate information to the writers, as agreed with the couple. Meghan Markle then has no other choice to admit the facts, in a letter she addressed to the court: “I acknowledge that Mr. Knauf provided information to the authors and that I was aware of it”, she wrote, adding that she did not know “the extent of the information he had shared”. Meghan Markle thus made her mea culpa: “I apologize to the court for not having remembered these exchanges at the time”. But who really is this former assistant to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who is embarrassing the couple?

He will look to Prince William and Kate Middleton

Originally from New Zealand, Jason Knauf graduated from Victoria University of Wellington with a Masters in Politics and Communication in London. He, who worked with the former Prime Minister of New Zealand, was also press secretary of the secretary for financial services. The man was also appointed director of affairs for the Royal Bank of Scotland in 2015. Along with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, Jason Knauf had to take care of their communications when they were in London. But in 2020, he is appointed senior advisor to Prince William and Kate Middleton and will even be secretary general of the foundation of Prince Harry’s brother. Although their collaboration went well, the man will leave his post with the royal couple by the end of 2021.

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