The disputes between Meghan Markle and her father were not about to stop.
Thomas Markle’s heart attack could change things.
Meghan Markle would seek to contact Thomas Markle privately.

The relationship has always been strained between Meghan Markle and her 77-year-old father, Thomas Markle. Thomas Markle, currently living in Mexico, continues to make public statements. The Duchess of Sussex’s father is known for his outspoken and direct attacks on his daughter and son-in-law Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, 37. Recently, Thomas Markle announced that he will attend the festivities of the platinum jubilee of Elizabeth II. Meghan Markle’s father announced that he intended to speak to Prince Charles, 73, the other grandfather of Archie and Lilibet dismissed by his children.

Thomas Markle’s project seems compromised since he was admitted to a hospital in Mexico on May 24, 2022. And for good reason, Prince Harry’s stepfather, 37, suffered a stroke. Samantha Markle, Meghan Markle’s half-sister confides in the Daily Mail about this unfortunate event. “My father is recovering in hospital. We ask that the family’s privacy be respected. He needs peace and rest,” Samantha Markle told the Daily Mail. At the same time, she does not fail to reproach Meghan Markle for her absence from her father, whom she considers unforgivable.

Meghan Markle: Thomas Markle doesn’t have much time left, according to his daughter Samantha Markle

“To see how much he was tortured and what he had to endure because of my sister’s contempt in recent years, it’s unforgivable”, confirms Samantha Markle. And according to her, Meghan Markle does not have much time to act. “She doesn’t have much time left. She’s going to have to live with this for the rest of her life,” she says. For her part, the mother of Archie, 3 years old, and Lilibet, almost 1 year old, would seem to be ready to put aside years of disputes with her father. “Since their argument, Meghan has been worried. She wants to know if there is a way to contact her father privately, without family members knowing or being involved,” a source told The Mirror.

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