Prince Harry will soon unveil his memoirs.
In it, the Duke of Sussex spoke of a rather violent fight with Prince William.
It was Meghan Markle’s reaction when she found out that was mentioned.

In January 2020, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their intention to leave the royal family. Since then, the Sussexes have chained revelations, each more shocking than the other. Determined to give his version of the facts, Prince Harry wrote his memoirs, entitled The Substitute. In these, the husband of Meghan Markle evoked a fight with his brother, prince William. According to his words, she would have been quite violent and he did not want to talk about it with the Duchess at first. However, he then clarifies that he had no other choice. “She saw the bruises on my body”, reports The Mirror this Thursday, January 5. Regarding Meghan Markle’s reaction, the Duke of Sussex explains: “She was not surprised or even upset. She was terribly sad”. This fight, Prince Harry does not hesitate to mention it in full transparency. This would have taken place at Nottingham Cottage and their meeting had to take place in order to avoid a disaster for the future. “I offered a drink water to William when everything went wrong and he attacked me,” he said. “It all happened very quickly. He grabbed me by the collar, broke my collar and threw me to the ground”, he recalled before specifying: “I landed on the dog’s bowl, which hurt my back badly and cut me in places. I stayed on the ground for a moment, before getting up and ordering him to leave the room”.

This argument with Prince William is said to have started with remarks he would have made concerning Meghan Markle. According to Prince Harry, his wife would have been criticized and he wanted to confront his brother to explain himself to him. However, when the Duke of Cambridge arrived at Nottingham Cottage, he was “boiling hot”, Prince Harry reveals in his memoir. Little seduced by Meghan Markle, Prince William would have tried to reason with his brother, accusing him of not being “rational”, remembers the Duke of Sussex who, subsequently, would have tried to defend himself. “I accused him of acting like an heir, unable to understand why I am not content to be a spare wheel”, he wrote before specifying: “Insults were exchanged, before William claimed that he was trying to help.” A discussion that quickly turned into a confrontation between the two brothers. “William retraced his steps with an air of regret and he apologised,” Prince Harry continues before adding: “He turned around and reminded me: ‘You don’t need to talk about this to Meg'”. If Prince Harry was determined not to say anything to his wife, the marks still visible on his body betrayed him. A dispute which was to remain secret and which was revealed in broad daylight.

Prince Harry: has he tried to reconcile with his family?

Tensions between Prince Harry and the royal family are very present, especially since their departure in 2020. Their interview with Oprah Winfrey did not help matters, as did their documentary broadcast on Netflix last December. In it, the Sussexes spoke of the way they had been treated by the Windsors but also the British press, assuring that this had pushed them to leave. More recently, it was in a promotional interview for his memoirs, given to journalists Tom Bradby and Anderson Cooper, that the Duke of Sussex explained that he had tried to save his relationship with the royal family. “But every time I tried to, things got leaked and rumors about my wife and I got out. My family motto is never complain, never explain. But that’s just a motto”, he first said before adding: “I would like to recover my father. I would like to recover my brother. I want a family, not an institution”. Confidences that do not go unnoticed.

Meghan Markle: her uplifting reaction to Prince Harry's revelation about his fight with William

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