Unemployment did not last very long for Piers Morgan. Last March, the host of Good Morning Britain was removed from the famous morning talk show after making virulent accusations against Meghan Markle. While accusing him of lying about the royal family, following his interview with Oprah Winfrey, the journalist was the subject of numerous reports to the British CSA, as well as a complaint from the Duchess of Sussex, ultimately rejected. And while he hoped to regain his place in Good Morning Britain, it is finally another group that he will join: that of News Corp.

Owned by Robert Murdoch, the British press magnate who notably owns the tabloid The Sun, Piers Morgan will be at the head of a new television program, in parallel with a post as a columnist in the famous British tabloid. A dream opportunity for him to spit again on the air the hatred he has for the wife of Prince Harry, for whom he has already announced his intention to take revenge. The Sun reports that after signing a juicy contract with his new employer, he went to the Scarsdale Tavern in Kensington, where he had met Meghan Markle. “I have to say a special thank you to Meghan. While we drink now, five years ago, I met her here,” he said, raising a pint of beer.

Piers Morgan plans to become Meghan Markle’s ‘nightmare’

After throwing a ‘Bravo Meghan’ and dedicating ‘this moment that will be the stuff of her nightmares’ to the Duchess, Piers Morgan added that he was willing to bet’ that she was sitting there at celebrating [his] departure from Good Morning Britain “. Bad luck for him, the Duchess of Sussex seems much more concerned with her own personal projects than with the British journalist, especially since last March at the time of her ousting, it was in Los Angeles that she was , pregnant with her little Lilibet. And far from paying attention to Piers Morgan, who never misses an opportunity to accuse the Sussexes, especially for his own problems.

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