Meghan Markle: her half-brother continues his work of undermining by evoking his failed marriage

Thomas Markle Jr, the Duchess of Sussex’s half-brother takes part in Big Brother VIP, a famous Australian show. In the latest teaser, the 55-year-old gives information about the failed marriage of his half-sister, Meghan Markle. Meghan married American producer Trevor Engleson in September 2011. According to Thomas’s revelations, the couple split 23 months later. The real reasons for the separation are not known until this day, they just mentioned “irreconcilable differences”, according to The Sun.

Note that Thomas Jr is not at all close to Harry’s wife, he has not seen him since 2011. In addition, he has not attended the wedding of Harry and Meghan. Still, he seems to have a lot to tell about his sister’s previous marriage. In the teaser, he announces: “the guy she was married to the first time – she just stepped on him and dumped him”. Thomas announces that the same fate is reserved for Prince Harry by saying that he is the “next in the hot seat”.

Meghan Markle can expect a real bombshell from her half-brother

On several occasions since it was announced that he would be appearing on the show, Thomas Jr has launched a series of attacks against Meghan. He did not fail to call her a “jaded, superficial and vain woman”. In this older trailer, Thomas announces that he is going to write a letter to his sister. Earlier, he had also warned Prince Harry that Meghan was going to ruin his life. As he arrives in a limousine, he announces in front of the cameras: “I told Prince Harry, I think she is going to ruin your life.”

Meghan Markle © PacificPressAgency

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