Meghan Markle: her brother will participate in a famous television show

Thomas Markle Jr, Meghan Markle’s brother has been on Australian soil since Thursday. Currently, he is reportedly going through 14 days of quarantine in order to appear on the Celebrity Big Brother show. Recently, this Australian version of Big Brother VIP had to cancel Katie Hopkins’ contract. Recently, the latter posted comments on Instagram about her attempts to break the country’s quarantine rules. She bragged about opening the door to her hotel room to naked, unmasked staff members.

Home Secretary Karen Andrews saw this act as an unforgivable affront. She told the Australia Broadcasting Corporation: “It is appalling that this person behaved the way they did and they are going to leave. ‘We are going to get them out of the country as soon as we can organize it.” The minister’s remarks were firm, she described the action as an outrage towards all Australians who are currently in quarantine.

“Harry and Meghan are moving away from the royal family because of an ultimatum from his half-sister”

Thomas Markle Jr is the half-brother of Meghan Markle, the latter and he have the same father. Speaking to New Idea last year, Thomas spoke about his half-sister’s steadfast character. He said about it: “If things don’t go her way, she’ll take another path.”

In the same statement he made it clear that Meghan is someone who is not at all to accept being told what to do. He said: “I think living under the palace rules and guidelines … has probably caused a lot of trouble in her life and with Harry.” According to Thomas Markle Jr, Meghan kind of forced Harry’s hand to push him to leave his royal office.

Meghan Markle © Agency

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