Meghan Markle egocentric? Immediately announced, his new project already pinned

Immediately announced, immediately criticized. On July 14, Meghan Markle took over the site of her Archewell foundation to reveal to her fans her next project: that of producing an animated series for Netflix. After signing a juicy contract with the streaming giant, the Duchess of Sussex has decided to produce a program about the emancipation of girls with a heroine named Pearl who, “seeks to discover herself at the same time as she tries to meet the challenges of everyday life “, and will be inspired by the destinies of many women who have marked history to find themselves. A beautiful project, already severely criticized.

While it is not uncommon for Meghan Markle to get tackled on her projects, as was the case with her book The Bench, which, even considered a bestseller, continues to be criticized by critics of the Duchess, some see this animated series as a way for Prince Harry’s wife to talk … about herself. “It seems fascinating, it seems – as we really expect from them – it’s very me, me, me, isn’t it?”, Commented the royal expert Richard Eden, relayed by The Express, while Meghan Markle herself, has at no time specified whether this heroine would look like her in any way.

What will the series produced by Meghan Markle be called?

Heavy criticism from this royal expert, who actually made his own interpretation of this animated series, deducing a conclusion simply from the heroine’s first name, Pearl, and which could well give the title to this project, still in reflection. Indeed, as The Express points out, Richard Eden explained that “interestingly, [..] the name Pearl is the Greek origin of the word Megan”. “I think there is an allusion to herself there,” he said, while this first name comes from Margaret which has its origins in the Greek word for pearl, Margaritēs, specifies the tabloid. Hard on the Duchess of Sussex, the expert however recognized that this project was “very worthy”, while the main interested party has been committed for many years for the emancipation of girls and women, and has never hidden her feminist views.

Meghan Markle © Backgrid UK

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