Meghan Markle: brutal denials are expected from her

Allegations are flowing about how Meghan Markle has “roughed up” her staff. Before she and Prince Harry stepped down from royal duties, the former actress was in charge of her own staff. According to the revelations of a few sources to the Mirror, “two high-ranking staff members claimed to have been ‘mistreated'”. Still according to its sources, Buckingham Palace intends to take things seriously and continue the allegations in this regard.

For her part, the wife of Prince Harry is urged by those around her to respond. The Duchess of Sussex is expected to refute the accusations and ask for hard evidence. Royal author Robert Lacey had published a whole series of allegations in a new version of his book Battle of Brothers. The author confirms in this book that: “Prince William took steps to separate his house from that of his brother after hearing about Meghan’s behavior from his colleagues”. Still according to the author, Meghan would have already been confronted by a high-ranking collaborator and would have said: “it is not my job to pamper people”.

“The staff were not up to their job”

Meghan Markle is alleged to have intimidated her staff when she was still working at the royal palace. The Mirror source says “Le Palais wants to shed light on this matter and ensure that those who speak out deserve to be heard.” Without flinching, Meghan Markle continues to claim that the fault lies with members of her staff. According to her, her staff were not up to the task and “could not handle the pressure of working for her”.

Meghan Markle © Agency

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