Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were invited to the Global Citizen Live event which took place in Central Park, New York. During her speech, Meghan spoke about the fairness of the COVID-19 vaccine. For this occasion, the Duke of Sussex opted for a very chic black suit. For her part, Meghan Markle chose a short Crêpe Couture dress by Valentino. It’s a beautiful dress with Valentino San Gallo Edition embroidery costing € 3,500. To accompany her beautiful short dress, Prince Harry’s wife opted for a pair of black pointed toe heels.

For the hairstyle, Meghan chose a low ponytail with locks on either side of her forehead. We can also notice two magnificent gold bracelets on the left wrist of the Duchess. Her outfit for the occasion makes her look more radiant compared to her totally dark look when they visited One World Trade Center. It was in this magnificent outfit that Meghan Markle addressed the Central Park audience. According to Us Weekly, Megan said: “… There are so many things we can do today, now that can bring us closer to the end of this pandemic and that is why we are all here … “

Meghan Markle has previously been associated with the Global Citizen

The Sussexes have already partnered with the Global Citizen by co-chairing the VAX LIVE event in May. At that time, Markle just couldn’t attend the event, she was still pregnant with her daughter, Lilibet. In addition, their trip to New York is the couple’s first trip since the birth of their baby girl, Lilibet. The couple’s agenda is very busy, The Sussex couple have already made several meetings and a few visits before attending the Global Citizen among other stars.

According to its website, Global Citizen Live aims to call on “the G7 countries (the richest nations in the world) and the European Union to immediately share at least 1 billion doses of the COVID-19 vaccine with those who have it. most needed “. The concert brings on stage several artists sharing the same cause such as Metallica, Cindy Lauper, Elton John or Billie Eilish. Since the Sussexes are currently influential people, they have been featured by the guests.

Meghan Markle © STARMAX

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