In her podcast, Meghan Markle criticized the show Deal or No Deal
According to the Duchess, she was seen as “a bimbo” at the time
A former colleague of his replied…

With the latest episode of her podcast, Meghan Markle has not only made friends… During a conversation with Paris Hilton, the Duchess of Sussex strongly criticized the show Deal or No Deal in which she appeared 34 times between 2006 and 2007. Meghan Markle explained that she decided to leave the show because her role did not make her feel “intelligent”. “Before the tapings of the show, with all the girls, we were in line and there were different places for them to put our false eyelashes or our extensions or check the padding of our bras, recalled Prince Harry’s wife. We were even given vouchers for UV sessions every week. There was a very specific idea of ​​what we should look like. It was only a question of beauty and not necessarily of brain.”

“I was so much more than what was objectified on stage, added Meghan Markle. I did not like feeling obliged to bet everything on appearance. At the time, I was reduced to this specific archetype. ” After the broadcast of this podcast, an ex-colleague violently responded to the Duchess of Sussex. Real Housewives of Atlanta star Claudia Jordan took to Instagram in a lengthy post to snap the one she worked with. According to her, the show’s team “never treated them like bimbos”, on the contrary: “To be clear: yes, getting a modeling contract on a game show is not necessarily a question of intellect , but for each show, the producers chose five models with the most outgoing and fun personalities.”

Meghan Markle: “Not bad for a bimbo!”

“And Deal or No Deal never treated us like bimbos. We had so many opportunities on this show,” continued Claudia Jordan, who worked on the show for four seasons. For her, if Meghan Markle had a bad experience, it’s partly her fault. “If you show up and don’t commit, you’ll only get your check and you won’t get much out of it,” she annoyed. “But if you show up and grab your moments, there’s no there’s no limit to what you can do with this kind of opportunity.” Unlike the Duchess of Sussex, Claudia Jordan “enjoyed” working on Deal or No Deal and claimed it helped launch her career in modeling and television.

“It’s what paid all my bills, put me in front of 13 million people a night, and got me into Celebrity Apprentice, Celebrity Apprentice All Stars, and cancer awareness and cancer awareness. getting into People magazine’s 100 Most Beautiful Women issue, and so much more,” she continued. It also led to me co-hosting the 2009 Miss Universe Pageant in front of half a billion people. Not bad for a ‘bimbo’!” At the end of her message, Claudia Jordan explained that she wanted to “clear up a misunderstanding” after the words of Meghan Markle that she “defended for years in the media”.

Meghan Markle "bimbo"? A former sidekick sways

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