Meghan Markle is still in the spotlight. But not for the right reasons. The story begins in 2006, when Prince Harry’s wife accepted a small role in the series Deal or no Deal. Shortly after, Meghan Markle decided to quit because she couldn’t stand “being objectified” anymore. To understand: to have been hired only for her physique and not for her acting skills. To prove it, she explained in an interview that the producers asked her to “tuck in her belly”, when she had already been ordered to wear false eyelashes, hair extensions and a padded bra.

But today the Duchess of Sussex is being accused of hypocrisy. The reason ? A video of her recently came out of nowhere showing a scene from the 90210 series… very explicit. During the latter, we can see Meghan Markle, then 27 years old, play the role of Wendy. She gives the reply to the character of Ethan, played by Dustin Milligan. Here is the scene: the latter, sitting in his car, is surprised by his girlfriend. In surprise, we see him pull up his pants … while Wendy (Meghan Markle, therefore), emerges from under the seat.

Meghan Markle is again immersed in a controversy

This scene, which could not be more explicit, is unequivocal: Wendy was performing oral sex on a man who was not her official boyfriend. Once again, many people fell on him, judging that it is absolutely not a scene adapted to a person of his caliber. A new small controversy, therefore, for the wife of prince Harry, who has been chaining them for many months, in spite of herself.

However, Meghan Markle keeps her head on her shoulders: the Duchess of Sussex is aware that her television roles have often seen her advantageous physique highlighted. However, she does not want this to happen again with her granddaughter: Lilibeth. “I want our daughter to aspire to be slightly higher. Yes, I want my Lili to want to be educated, to want to be smart and to be proud of those things.” To see now if little Lilibet will follow in the footsteps of her mother or embrace another career.

Meghan Markle “baby”? These compromising videos that the Duchess would like to forget

Meghan Markle © Dana Press

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