Meghan Markle: asked to be silent by Angela Levin

Shortly after Meghan Markle announced that she would not be attending Prince Philip’s funeral, Royal Family Commentator Angela Levin sent her a blunt message. Recall that relatives of Prince Harry’s wife had recently declared that Meghan was ready to forgive the royal family. The latter, according to the Duchess, having made allegations of racism. She has, moreover, testified during the emission to Oprah Winfrey a month ago.

Those close to Meghan Markle also added that the Duchess had ‘worshiped’ the Duke of Edinburgh and wanted to put differences aside and move forward with the royal family. The Duchess of Sussex has however not been able to go to the United Kingdom because of her pregnancy. She had also announced that she didn’t want to be the center of attention.

If Meghan didn’t want to be “center of attention at the funeral”, told “friends” she “adored Prince Philip” and that she was ready to “forgive the Royal Family,” she should be quiet. Instead all 3 comments show her patronizing and grandiose behavior. I don’t believe them.

– Angela Levin (@ angelalevin1) April 13, 2021

“Angela Levin responds to Meghan Markle”

It was on Twitter that Levin gave his opinion on the Duchess of Sussex’s announcements. “If Meghan didn’t want to be the ‘center of attention at the funeral’, if she told her ‘friends’ that she ‘adored Prince Philip’ and was ready to ‘forgive the royal family’, she should shut up. Instead, these three comments show her condescending behavior. I don’t believe them, “shared Angela Levin.

Interesting that Meghan’s doctor has advised her not to fly because of her “condition” yet so far has been happy for her to have a baby at home.

– Angela Levin (@ angelalevin1) April 12, 2021

“It is interesting that Meghan’s doctor advised her against flying because of her ‘condition’, whereas so far he has been happy that she has a baby at home,” Levin adds. Recall that Prince Harry has indeed arrived in the United Kingdom to pay a last tribute to his grandfather, but without Meghan Markle.

Meghan Markle © AGENCY

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