Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle have made a heavy decision together
Princes Harry and William’s wives skipped weekly call to let brothers talk together
The objective: to attempt a reconciliation before the Jubilee

For months now, tensions have been palpable between Princes William and Harry. Thus, their respective wives try everything to reconcile the two brothers. According to information relayed by the Mirror, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle wanted to let the two brothers talk to each other during the weekly call of the two families. The sons of prince Charles would thus have spoken face to face, a few days before the Jubilee of queen Elizabeth II. It would therefore seem that the two women are trying to patch up their husbands.

And it seems to have worked, as a source told the Mirror: “They’ve also had FaceTime calls with their children, which has allowed them to reconnect. William sees that Meghan is a good mother and a loyal wife and he’s really happy for his brother. It looks like the two have healed from the breakup,” the post read. A hell of good news for the British royal family who only hopes for one thing: that the two brothers are reconciled.

Very serious disputes between the two brothers

It is true that the distance taken by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle left a great void in Prince William: “The real problem was not between Meghan and Kate, but between William and Harry”. William “was very, very angry that Kate, who had hitherto been very impartial in this brotherly dispute, had been involved. William feels the way Kate has been treated is unfair. I find it hard to see how they can William is angry and upset, and he will hold a long grudge against Meghan for dragging Catherine into all of this,” a source said.

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