Meghan Markle accused of making fun of Elizabeth II and the royal family in her latest video

Meghan Markle once again under fire from critics. Now based in Los Angeles with her husband Prince Harry and their children Archie and Lilibet, the Duchess of Sussex is stepping up initiatives after giving up her status as a senior member of the British royal family and her official commitments. However, despite her estrangement from the monarchy, she is determined to continue her support for causes close to her heart, such as the emancipation of women and their return to work. So, for her 40th birthday, she called on 40 personalities to support 40×40, in order to give 40 minutes of her personal time to help women re-enter the labor market.

A beautiful project both hailed and criticized, which was presented during a small humorous video shot with actress Melissa McCarthy. And detractors of Meghan Markle, saw it as a mockery against Elizabeth II and the royal family. “Both are holding an old-fashioned mug and saucer as Meghan used it in her blog after her first meeting with the Queen. Melissa sips from a mug with a fancy hat and gloves,” said Angela Levin, who there saw “a mockery that shows what she [Meghan] thinks of the Royal Family”. “She has what she wanted and is convinced that she can outdo us all. We just have to wait for the outpouring of Harry in her memories,” said the specialist.

The mockery shows what she thinks of the Royal Family. She’s got what she wanted and is confident she can outsmart us all. We just have to wait for Harry’s outpouring in his memoir.

– Angela Levin (@ angelalevin1) August 5, 2021

Who supports Meghan Markle in the royal family?

New very harsh words against Meghan Markle who has been very fit two months after giving birth to her daughter Lilibet. However, this video does not seem to have shocked the entourage of Elizabeth II, starting with Princess Eugenie. Indeed, while she was said to be angry with the Duchess of Sussex, it so happens that she accepted with pleasure to participate in the initiative of this one for its 40 years, as she announced on Instagram. The opportunity for her to wish a happy birthday to her “dear Meghan”, who seems to bother only those who have decided to stand up against her, while she received an outstretched hand from the queen.

Meghan Markle © Backgrid UK

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