Meghan Markle: a new legal battle looms for the Duchess of Sussex

Lately, Meghan Markle won her case with a judge. In fact, she was to receive an apology from a national newspaper which allegedly violated her privacy. The concerned printed out some excerpts from the 5-page letter she had written for her father, Thomas Markle. As a result, Mail Online and The Mail on Sunday were ordered to print a front page statement regarding Meghan Markle’s victory earlier this month.

According to Newsweek, the Court of Appeal received an application for leave to appeal. Even though the ANL had been refused leave to appeal the decision, an application was still filed directly with the Court of Appeal. This is a request to quash the publication of statements order. Recall that last month, the newspaper was still allowed to use a font lower than the standard to print the statement.

“The publication is manifestly excessive and therefore illegal”

Recall that the former actress sued the ANL for the reproduction of parts of her letter sent in August 2018. She won the case without going to trial following her request for protection of privacy. After the judge declared that the publication of the letter was “manifestly excessive and therefore illegal”, a statement was to be posted on Mail Online for a week as well.

“It was, in short, a personal and private letter. The majority of what was published concerned the behavior of the complainant, her feelings of anguish at the behavior of her father, as she saw it. , and the resulting rift between them. These are inherently private and personal issues, “according to the judge.

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