Meghan and Harry: this very down-to-earth reason why Prince Charles could remove them from the royal family

A departure that will cost them a lot. In January 2020, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle created a surprise by announcing their wish to withdraw from the British royal family. Since then, the couple moved to Los Angeles and they spin the perfect love. While Queen Elizabeth II has always been very forgiving, Prince Charles might not be of the same opinion. Royal biographer Angela Levin was interviewed by the Daily Mail this Sunday, April 25, and she made some confidences. “Prince Charles has wanted to sort through the monarchy for a very long time to cut spending and encourage family members to earn the money they get from the taxpayer. I think at that point he will completely get rid of Meghan and Harry in the royal family “, she first declared before clarifying:” The queen always made sure to spare her children and grandchildren, for sentimental reasons “. A dynamic which is not to the taste of the Prince of Wales since, as the biographer affirms, “he wants to change things and he will do it”, she concluded.

An interview that does not pass. According to tabloid information, if Prince Charles could make such a decision, it is because of the truth interview granted to Oprah Winfrey and broadcast last March. This has caused a lot of talk since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have confided with an open heart. They chained the revelations, each more surprising than the next. While promoting her new book, the presenter agreed to come back to this interview: “I did a lot of preparation for that. It was really important to me that what we did be revealed to the world at the moment when everything. the world could see it and things don’t leak, ”she said first before explaining that she wanted to speak with the couple before filming the interview. “I hadn’t seen Meghan and Harry before but I texted them and said intention was very important to me so tell me what your intention is so we can be aligned with our Our shared intention was the truth. They wanted to be able to tell their story and tell it in a way that would allow them to be as truthful as possible, “she said. Oprah Winfrey then claims to have been surprised that Prince Harry and his wife indulge in this way. “I was surprised. ‘What? Are you going to say it all? Are you going all the way?’ And the reason it was such a powerful interview is because they responded the way they did, “she concluded.

Stalled reconciliations?

While reconciliations between the Sussexes and the British royal family seemed to be off to a good start, they fell to a standstill. According to information published by The Sun, the clan of the Queen of England has suspended all exchanges with Meghan Markle and her husband because of “constant leaks” from Archie’s parents. Many private and family conversations are spread in the media and the royal family is questioning the possibility of a close source giving all this information to the British media. While waiting for this person to be identified, the Windsors prefer to avoid speaking with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle © Backgrid USA

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