Same day as Kate and William’s trip, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry unveil teaser for their series
A veritable declaration of war according to royal experts
They are sure: the Sussexes did it on purpose!

On Friday December 2, Kate Middleton and Prince William travel to Boston for the Earthsot award ceremony. An official trip that has not gone unnoticed since it is the first time since they are Prince and Princess of Wales that the couple is going across the Atlantic. If the mother of George, Charlotte and Louis stood out with her magnificent dress, an event changed everything: the broadcast of the teaser for the documentary series Harry & Meghan. Since then, many royal experts have indicated that the broadcast of this video was simply done on purpose to destabilize Kate and William. A royal commentator went so far as to say the Sussexes were hoping to ‘hijack’ Prince William and Kate’s important visit.

In the teaser, a series of black and white photographs are shown and Harry can be heard saying: ‘No one sees what happens behind closed doors… I had to do everything I could to protect my family’ . Meghan adds: “When the stakes were so high, didn’t it make more sense to hear our story from us?” Royal expert Jonathan Sacerdoti has claimed Prince Harry and Meghan will do anything to upstage the Prince and Princess of Wales. “When did the Royals become the Kardashians? Because I have to say I think it’s time for that to stop. I have to say this trailer is everything we expected is worse. I think it just shows the drama that Netflix and Meghan and Harry are planning to make out of it.”

Advertise behind Kate and William?

For this expert, things are clear: “To release it like they did on the second day of the prince and princess for the Earthshot prize, shows exactly how much they wanted to hijack the publicity. It just shows, I think , how far they’ll go all the way to get as much publicity as possible, he jumps on his own brother’s trip to promote these environmental awards to steal that spotlight and get more attention, because what comes down to say, they only get attention because of their association with the royal family. They continue to prove it in the way they conduct themselves with the promotion of the Netflix program”.

A real “declaration of war”

If the first three episodes were broadcast on Thursday, December 8, the second part should see the light of day on Netflix, on December 15, the day of Kate Middleton’s second Christmas carol concert at Westminster Abbey. “I don’t see how anyone could see it as anything other than a declaration of war.” “The problem is when it comes to the Sussexes and these plans for revenge that they’re so determined on, people wonder when will enough be enough?”, “He’s not unreasonable in the circumstances to wonder if they’re even interested in mending their relationship with the family,” many sources ask.

Meghan and Harry: this proof that they wanted to eclipse Kate and William's American trip

Meghan and Harry © Netflix

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