Meghan and Harry: this mysterious novelty on the web two days before the birth of Lilibet

This Sunday, Meghan and Harry announced the birth of their daughter, Lilibet Diana, which occurred two days earlier on June 4. A long-awaited event which took the media a little by surprise, because of the discretion around the date of delivery, often mentioned “for the summer”. Since they have distanced themselves from the royal family, Meghan and Harry are no longer subject to the protocol of the Crown that it is Buckingham Palace which announces the birth of a newborn baby, – as it had been the case for Archie, for example. It is therefore the couple themselves, via the site of their Archewell foundation, who had the honor to announce the happy news this Sunday, two days after the arrival of “Lili”. However, if the world did not hear of this birth until June 6, the British press noticed that a domain name called had been created on the internet two days earlier, during the birth of the little one. Archie’s sister. As the Mirror reveals, the name of the domain name holder has not been revealed, and it is simply known that the latter’s IP address was located in Kansas City, Missouri. If the mystery remains as to the identity of the Internet user or the purpose of this area, the biographer specializing in the royal family Angela Levin, she is convinced that the Sussexes are behind it all. “They created the lilibetdiana estate,” she told Good Morning Britain. “A domain means that no one can use that email and that they can use it for any commercial work – they got the license.”

Lilibet Diana: a name that is unanimous on the Web

Due to its double tribute, – and to Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth II, for whom Lilibet is the nickname given by those close to him – the first name of Meghan and Harry’s daughter has met with some success on social networks, where the Many Internet users express their approval. Obviously, several punters had bet on a nod to the Princess of Wales, but the tribute to the Queen – due to the somewhat tense climate of recent months – was far more surprising.

Meghan and Harry © AGENCY

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