It was an interview that shook him a lot. On March 7, the shock interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry was broadcast in the United States, a year after making the decision to leave the United Kingdom to settle in Los Angeles. An interview with Oprah Winfrey, which Buckingham Palace followed scrupulously, knowing that certain confidences of the couples would target certain members of the royal family. Like Prince Charles, whose Prince Harry has made no secret of the difficult relationship he has had for several months with his father. “Mad with grief” after these revelations, the eldest son of Elizabeth II did not directly react to this interview. However, he initially intended to dismantle each revelation point by point.

As reported by Katie Nicholl, if only Elizabeth II reacted officially in a statement, while Prince William drew the wrath of the queen and her father for her denial on the fly during an official release, the Prince Charles initially wanted to make a more detailed statement, including his version of the facts. “I understand Prince Charles wanted to issue a more detailed statement [in response] to Oprah’s interview and perhaps address some of these issues point by point,” the reporter told ET online. .

Prince Charles was afraid to give Meghan and Harry ‘ammunition’

However, it seems the Crown Prince has finally taken the time to think things over before sending such a missive which could have made matters worse, deciding that a “shorter statement would be better”. Because a more detailed development could, according to him, “have been potentially more damaging and give more ammunition” to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to accuse the royal family of sometimes behaving badly towards them, or at least to have them refused the help they asked for.

Among the things he wanted to explain, Prince Charles, saddened by certain confidences of Meghan Markle, wanted according to Katie Nicholl to address the financial question of the couple, who explained that the food had been cut to them overnight. Which is false according to her, since even after their installation in Los Angeles, the father of prince Harry would have continued to help them. An answer that would not, however, be welcome to Elizabeth II, already very angry after the reaction of Prince William without his consultation.

Prince Charles © Action Press

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