Meghan and Harry: these concerns they arouse 5 months after their official departure from the royal family

Meghan Markle and Harry are a shocking duo. Since the latter left the royal family of England, they have decided to join forces to carry out great projects. It is therefore as a duo that they embark on new adventures: for example, they signed two huge contracts with the very famous platforms Spotify and Netflix. In order to carry out their ideas, in particular the production of content for the music streaming service, they decided to surround themselves with a major collaborator. This is producer Rebecca Sananes, as reported by Deadline, who has previously worked for several media including Pivot, New York Magazine and Vox Media’s show.

The latter will work in collaboration with Ben Browning, Archewell’s content manager. She will officially take up her duties in August and she should be of great help to the couple who have, for the moment, produced only one podcast (of 35 minutes) since December. For this one, they had invited singer Elton John, host James Corden and actor Tyler Perry. By producing more content, Meghan Markle and Harry could again overshadow some members of the Royal Family of England …

Meghan Markle and Harry: are they planning to return to London?

It is now in Los Angeles that Meghan Markle and Harry live happy days. But it could well be that the couple will be present, together, on British soil in the coming weeks. After taking advantage of the summer break, so next September, the Duke and Duchess could travel to the United States for a special event: a charity event organized in honor of Princess Lady Diana, who should have celebrated her birthday. 60 years old on July 1st.

Meghan Markle and Harry © Vantage News

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