Meghan and Harry are preparing to move, still in California
Their potential future neighbors fear upheavals in the neighborhood
The presence of the royal couple was not inconvenient in Montecito

Holy atmosphere! On September 30, the Santa Barbara News Press announced that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were preparing to move to Hope Ranch, a popular suburb west of Santa Barbara, California. Exit, therefore, the 14 million dollar villa of Montecito equipped with 9 bedrooms, 16 bathrooms, many living rooms, gym, wine cellar, etc. where the royal couple had taken up residence two years ago. Despite the dream setting that served as a home for the small family, the multiple intrusions over the past few months would have gotten the better of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who now find the grass greener at Hope Ranch. Problem: their future neighbors do not seem delighted with this move. Asked by the media TMZ, the latter assured “have no animosity” towards the royal couple, while specifying that they were not thrilled by their arrival, due to the “baggage they are dragging”. Due to the controversial popularity of Meghan and Harry, locals fear that their arrival will disrupt the tranquility of the neighborhood, especially with regard to road traffic. “Roads there are narrow and winding, and with paparazzi flocking to photograph the Royals…some residents fear it could create a hazard, especially for children playing and going to school,” TMZ says.

Meghan and Harry, annoying neighbors? Not according to Montecito locals

One thing is certain: Meghan and Harry are not arriving on conquered ground! However, the locals of Montecito, they find nothing to complain about their royal neighbors. “Three neighbors living close to Harry and Meghan tell us they haven’t noticed a change in their neighborhood while the Sussexes have been there for the past two years, and all are quite indifferent to whether the family stays or leaves.” . Conclusion ? If Meghan and Harry don’t want trouble in their new home, they’re going to have to make themselves small!

Meghan and Harry: their potential future neighbors do not welcome them

Meghan and Harry © Backgrid USA

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