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Meghan and Harry: their new technique to get closer to the queen

After several weeks of discretion, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle have finally come out of silence … The Duke and Duchess of Sussex reappeared during a videoconference meeting on Zoom, shared on YouTube. The two spoke at length with other members of the Commonwealth Trust, the charitable organization of which they are the head. Together, everyone spoke about the importance of using social media as a force. During the discussion, Meghan Markle notably spoke about her attachment to the heritage of Queen Elizabeth II. Words that undoubtedly made the Queen of England happy.

Meghan Markle’s statement, and the couple’s recent discussion with fellow Commonwealth Trust members, would not have happened by chance. Far from there. According to a source close to Sunday People, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle “are trying to build bridges with Queen Elizabeth II by pouring out on the Commonwealth”, we learn, reports the Mirror. So it would appear that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are trying to make up for it in the eyes of the nonagenarian sovereign, after her grandson Prince Harry made some flawed statements regarding the British Empire a month and a half ago.

Mea culpa?

According to the same source, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle “need the British royal family more than the family needs them”. And that’s good, because “the Queen of England is fiercely protective of the Commonwealth,” added the source. And to continue: “We have the impression that Harry and Meghan are finally starting to build bridges as I think, despite their popularity in certain places …” As a reminder, on July 1, Prince William’s little brother had been under fire, following another Zoom discussion. Without taking a pinch of salt, he had uttered a short phrase in reference to the actions of his ancestors and the ancestors of Queen Elizabeth II who ruled the British Empire, of which almost the 54 Commonwealth territories were part. A phrase that had not passed to many Britons.

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