Meghan and Harry: their explosive interview could finally not be broadcast!

Small program change for CBS? After the BBC refused to acquire the rights to the explosive interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, the American channel decided to broadcast the first exclusive interview of the Sussex couple, almost a year after the Megxit, on the 7th next march. After a first teaser which says a lot about the next revelations of the duke and the duchess, here is that The Mirror reports that finally, the big bosses of the chain would have the intention to postpone this diffusion, and this because of prince Philip .

Indeed, they would be reluctant to “detonate a diplomatic bomb” while the husband of Elizabeth II has been hospitalized for several weeks, in a not very reassuring state. “CBS had millions of dollars in publicity for the interview, but bosses are aware of the sensitivity of the matter vis-à-vis the Duke of Edinburgh’s health,” a source told the tabloid. If they claim to have “no loyalty to the royal family”, the bosses of the channel estimated that to broadcast this interview if the state of health of Prince Philip were to deteriorate “would be extremely insensitive and extremely disrespectful”.

Prince Philip has changed hospitals

What measure the explosive side of this interview given by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, who have decided to reveal all their truth about their decision to leave the British royal family and to renounce their status as senior members of the monarchy. The occasion also for them to evoke the tense bonds which they maintain for several months with the Windsors, of which the Duke of Sussex assured not to have wanted to move away by moving to Los Angeles. He is also the first to be ready for a last minute trip to Britain, if Prince Philip’s state of health worsens, while the latter has recently changed hospital.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry © Agency

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