Meghan and Harry: their ex-chief of staff lifts the veil on his work with the Sussexes

When they left the United Kingdom for the United States, Harry and Meghan Markle were able to embark on new adventures. They notably set up their non-profit organization called Archewell in April 2020. The objective of this? “Uplift and unite local and global communities,” the Duke and Duchess of Sussex say on their official website. And to carry out their projects, they were surrounded by a general manager, Catherine St-Laurent, who had worked before this new professional experience for eight years in the charitable companies of computer scientist Bill Gates. But she left her post last March.

Only eleven months after working for Meghan Markle and Harry, Catherine St-Laurent resigned. Rumors indicated that she made this choice after being over-urged by the Duke and Duchess. “I think she had the feeling that she had to fulfill many functions for the couple that were not necessarily in her professional specifications,” a person close to the matter told the Daily Mail.

Catherine St-Laurent: does she regret her past experience with Meghan Markle and Harry?

Catherine St-Laurent left of her own free will, of course, but that is not the fault of her former bosses. In the columns of The Cut, the latter explains having resigned to devote herself to a completely different project. And she assures him, she keeps very good memories of these months spent working for Meghan Markle and Harry. Catherine St-Laurent spoke of an “incredible experience” and said she was “grateful to have had the opportunity to work with them on this project”. “The time I spent with them was very educational”, she added, before specifying that they had everything to become “very influential leaders in the field of social impact”.

Meghan Markle and Harry © Agency

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